31 August 2010

Quick thing:::

Hey loves.. So I just wanted you guys to know that I am also on Beautylish and Luuux.... so please feel free to join these sites.. These sites are similar to twitter and blogspot... I hope to see you there :)


www.Luuux.com (this website is a little slow so please have patients) 


27 August 2010

I got these stick on tattoos from chicityfashion and shopinfluence and i decided to play around with it..

These are the tattoos .....

I took one of the circle chain and put it around my right arm..

And I added the little figures on the bottom of the chain..Creating somewhat of a charm bracelet but around my arm...

I like the way it came out.. 

Enjoy :)


MY NAIL POLISH OF THE WEEK is "Misty Mocha #37" by Brucci. I dont know about you guys but I have a good amount of Brucci nail polish.  These polishes have been around for a very long time.  They are easy to coat, wide range of colors and I personally find them to last a while without chipping. 

Sorry that this picture came out blurry, my camera refused to focus correctly.  


26 August 2010

the re-grand opening of H&M in soho

And I got a $40 ticket.. YAYYYYY........ I dont know if you all know this but H&M is my favorite store. So it so happened that in the recent months through out New York many of the H&M's are remodeling there stores. The H&M in soho was having a re-grand opening last week. They were offering the first 300 customers online before 10am a gift certificate which had monetary value on them. Now the g/c value ranged from $10 to $300 and I got $40. 

^-----This is the tot goodie bag that they gave each customer. The goodie bag consisted of  -----^
a tot bag (of course) a pen, a notebook, a makeup bag, a makeup travel bag, a t-shirt, and an H&M fashion magazine. 

And these were my items that I purchased. They had lots of clothes on sale but of course not my size.. 


Nailene Review....

Sorry guys that I haven't been blogging, I was sick but I am feeling much better now (still have a cough tho)...So I have finally tested all ten products that I was sent from Nailene. I have already blogged about the Nailene: So Natural glue on nails on a previous blog. So lets get started on the other products:

These are the Revlon false eye lashes: 1)fantasy lengths With self adhesive 2)fantasy lengths with maximum wear glue on eyelashes 3) Beyond Natural ultra lightweight. I tried all three out on different nights and I must say that I liked them all. I recommend the Fantasy lengths with self adhesive especially  for beginners just because you don't have to worry about the glue drying up or getting the glue all over your eyelashes. This was my first time putting "falsies" on and using the self adhesive ones for the very first time helped me feel comfortable putting them on and wearing them. 

The next one that I liked were Revlon: Beyond Natural ultra lightweight. These eyelashes were easy to apply.And they were exactly what the packaging said they were ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT. I spent 8 hours straight with them on, they were easy to take off and I loved the way the blend into my lashes. LOVES THEM..

These two items are the next ones that I tried out. They are Nailene: Perfect tips & toes (french polish guides) and  Nailene: French Tip Pen. I love these two products. I am always trying to fine ways to do tips on my nails and make them look perfessionally done on my own. The perfect tips and toes is definetly the only product that I find that works.

You take one of the sticker strips and place it on the nail.

Paint the tip the color you desire. This color is "Not my mother's pink" from Confetti

And this is what it looks after all the nails are done and I bedazzled my ring finger...

The other product that was sent to me was the Nailene French tip pen. 
I really don't know if i like this product. I did try it out and it was ok. I would of liked the tip of the pen to be more sponge like. I found myself not being able to press down on the nail and slide the pen. What I did was dab it on the nail, which didn't give me a clean line like I preferred.  This is how it came out.

This is the finished results.

Speaking of Bedazzle, the next product that i tried where the Bedazzle nail art in Earth Angel.

The Bedazzle are the next ones I tried. In the packet you get sheets of nail art stickers (which is about 100 stickers). They are self adhesive, all you have to do is peel the sticker of the sheet and press on the nail. And once that is done just add a coat of clear nail polish for a lasting wear. They should look like this :

I used them on my nieces as well and they loved them.

It was a pleasure  testing and reviewing these products. Thank you Nailene/ Revlon for allowing me to review these prodtuct.


11 August 2010

Im a Winner..

I participated in a skincare giveaway contest through twitter and to my surprise I won.. YAYYYY
So this is what I won:

I got a goodie bag that consisted of Lorac eye primer, Kate Somerville night cream, Bvlgari day cream, Kiehls daily moisturizer, ReVive face cream and a 40 minute Bvlgari facial at Bergdorf Goodman.

This is my gift card for my 40 minute facial.

I called Bergdorf Goodman to set up my appointment and Lisa (Bvlgari representative) asked a few questions interims of what type of skin I have.  My face is oily in the summer and dry in the winter. So what they do (which i find to be great) is  they have there customers come in and pick up a sample bag of the products that they will be using on your face for the facial. So I went and got my goodie bag and this is what I got..
My goodie bag :)

Product samples with a booklet that informs you on each individual product and directions on how to use them.

Eye contour cream for dark circles

Face exfoliator which main ingredient is pearls

Cleansing foam 

Face moisturizer for day and night

Makeup remover and face toning

I started using these products and i love the way my face looks and feels. Its much softer and it has a glow that it never had before. The products smell wonderful which makes me want to buy there perfume ;)
I cant wait for my appointment facial which will be next month and along with that I will be getting my makeup done as well as a little treat and I will also get another goodie bag. I cant wait..

Thank you to chicityfashion and shopinfluence on twitter for chosen me as there winner..