16 November 2010

Having some Pride.. WnW

This is the Pride palette from the Wet n Wild color icon collection.  This palette has 3 matte & 3 shimmery colors. This is one of my favorite palettes.

Please excuse the eyebrows. I am currently growing them out to reshape them.


15 November 2010

Revlon Review

 I was sent these products from Revlon to try out. 
Thank you Lauren. 

These lashes are my favorite. They are light weight, natural looking and they blend well with my eye lashes. 

These are #91170 Dramatic 3x volume. They are much fuller and much heavier for my liking. 

I was also sent these two kits of glue on nails. I have a slight obsession for glue on nails, so I was extremely happy to see these. What I like about them is that they are easy to apply and they have a natural look/feel to them. 
The only thing I don't like is the glue. It comes in a thicker tube which I find hard to squeeze. 


11 November 2010

Nail Color of the week...

This weeks nail color is Black Cherry #213 by Brucci. 

This color was the first color I saw, so why not give it a try?! Its a shimmery burgundy color,  which is in for this fall season. I was hesitant to get this color at first because I dont like dark colors on my nails BUT Im happy that I got it now :)


10 November 2010

Im a Winner...

Three weeks ago I participated in a giveaway contest hosted by  Jacqueline (@brilliantbrntte) on twitter... and... I WON... The prize was a Sedona Lace 88 matte eyeshadow palette.  I finally received the palette last week... 


No Flash

Im so excited to try these colors out.. I will be doing a review on this palette soon, so stay tune. 


08 November 2010

Giveaway Winner!!!!

Thank you Caitlin from CSNstores.com for giving me the opportunity to have this giveaway. I would also like to thank you all, my awesome beauties for yall support. I wish that you all could of won but unfortunately there could only be one winner BUT not to worry I shall be having many more giveaways coming up. 

The way a winner was picked was through Random.org

So, the winner is --- Shaylee Anne 


Congrats Shaylee


03 November 2010

60 Subscriber Giveaway... CSNstores (CLOSED)

Im so happy to say that I have reached 60 subscribers and for that I am extremely thankful.
Thank you.

Now,  I was contacted by Caitlin from CSNstores.com and thanks to her I will be haveing my first GIVEAWAY.. CSN is a network of over 200 online stores, selling everything from dining room chairs to shoes.  CSN is offering one of my lovely readers a $35.00 gift certificate to use on any of their shopping sites.  

Rules to Enter:
(1) Must be a Follower of my blog (Google friend connect)
(2) Leave a comment with your name, email 
 what you are thinking of buying with this gift certificate if you win.

GIVEAWAY ENDS Sunday November 7th, at 11:59pm EST.


25 October 2010


I'm extremely late with this post but I'm still going to blog about it (lol). Have you heard of Shecky's Girls Night Out?! Yes/No.... OK well I didn't know about them myself until one of my bff's invited me to one of there events.  

Shecky's believes that "girlfriends are a source of strength, nurture and inspiration that women should always appreciate". 

Some of the girls and myself..

X-Rated drink was soooo good.. 

Two of my BFF's and I doing  beer tasting...

Beer paired with cheese & water cracker except for one which was paired with snow peas.

My girls and I 

The goodie bag.. 

Filled with all these things...

Please check them out at Shecky's for an event near you... My girlfriends and I had such a great time... We will be going to Beauty Night Out next month.. So get your tickets......


24 October 2010


I was surprised when I was contact by the Unforgettable Moments Beauty line which happens to be sold exclusively at Payless.  They wanted to send me a product and this is what they sent...

The bronze beauty eye & lip palette

3 shimmer eye shadows

3 glossy lip colors 

I tried out the eyeshadow's that came in the palette and I must say they are pretty good. Easy to blend and not as powdery as some other eyeshadow's. 

  This palette cost $10,  which I think is a great price considering that you get 3 eyeshadow's and 3 lip glossies. You also get two dual tipped applicators. So head on over to your near by Payless and purchase one.  They also have four other palettes, so you have options to choose from ... Click Here to check them out..


13 October 2010

Nail Color of the week...

This week I will be wearing Purple Reigns nail polish by Confetti. This is my third polish from this brand and I love it. Its a perfect fall color, goes well with anything.

Confetti #69 in Purple Rigns

This color reminds me of OPI's Domestic Goddess (which I've blogged about previously). This color is a slight darker though. 


12 October 2010

WnW ~ Cool as a Cucumber

I've decided to start doing posts on my makeup/ outfits.. So here we go..  I kept this eye look very simple using the Wet n Wild color icon trio in Cool as a Cucumber. This is one of my favorite palettes that I own.. For the base (primer) I used Milk by NYX, then I used the light green on my browbone, the purple on my crease and the dark green on my eye lid. I also used the dark green eyeshadow on my lower lashline. I finished it of with a black mascara by Sephora.


11 October 2010


A few months ago I joined this new website called Smackages. Its a website that allows you to get free makeup samples to test out. All you have to do is go to www.Smackages.com, sign up and wait to be contacted by email (informing you when products are available for you to request them)..... So, I did just that and I was very excited when my package finally came in the mail.

This is the black bubble rap envelope..

This is what came in the envelope: Smackages card detailing what you have received. A business card from the makeup company (Rae cosmetics). And the makeup samples. 

These are the sample jars..

Rae surface primer

Rae lip shade lipstick (SPF 15)

Rae Lucky lip gloss

I first thought that i was being punk'd when i opened my package and saw what i was sent. I don't want to sound ungrateful considering that I didn't pay for anything but with all do respect theirs not much product for me to sample. You can't test a product only once & draw a conclusion from that. 
 I think that the idea is great but they need to figure out another way to divide the product so that were able to test it more then once. If they don't have the supply for the demand then they should try another method. 


07 October 2010

Nail Color of the week...

I purchased another Confetti nail polish,  #87 Moonstruck... I love it.. This nail polish is one of my favorites for this fall season.  Its a grey color with a purple undertone. The only place that I am able to purchase Confetti nail polish is at CVS and they cost only $1.99...