25 October 2010


I'm extremely late with this post but I'm still going to blog about it (lol). Have you heard of Shecky's Girls Night Out?! Yes/No.... OK well I didn't know about them myself until one of my bff's invited me to one of there events.  

Shecky's believes that "girlfriends are a source of strength, nurture and inspiration that women should always appreciate". 

Some of the girls and myself..

X-Rated drink was soooo good.. 

Two of my BFF's and I doing  beer tasting...

Beer paired with cheese & water cracker except for one which was paired with snow peas.

My girls and I 

The goodie bag.. 

Filled with all these things...

Please check them out at Shecky's for an event near you... My girlfriends and I had such a great time... We will be going to Beauty Night Out next month.. So get your tickets......


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  1. love the pictures, wow everything in that bag looks amazing <3

    xoxo Christine