29 September 2010


HarajukuHunnies (on twitter) sent me this Parian Spirit brush cleaner. I must say that I like it and might be one of my favorite brush cleaners.. Parian Spirit is preferred by professionals because it really cleans the brushes. It has a nice citrus smell to it (if you don't like the smell of citrus I would recommend you not to get it) and it is gentle to the bristles on the brushes. 

All you do is rotate the brush as you spray some product. Wipe it clean with a terry cloth and just wait for the brush to dry. Its a quick dry, so you wont have to wait for long :)


28 September 2010

Burt's Bees....

I've had a problem with dry cuticles for a while now and its a pain in the butt... I have tried different hand creams and the problem is still there.. So while browsing through the Burt's Bees section at Rite Aide, I stumbled across this....

Ive been using this product for a week now and I've seen a big difference. My cuticles are softer and not peeling anymore.
Its 100% natural, with nourishing vitamin e. Its lemon butter so it does have a citrus smell. All you do is simply massage the cream into and around your nail when you feel that your cuticles are dry. You will start to see a difference within a day :)


27 September 2010

Check this site out...

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a happy Monday. I have a great site for yall to check out. Its Apothica.com. Apothica is a online beauty store. They sell all types of products that one would need (bath&body, makeup, fragrance, home&laundry, candles, skin care, hair care and for men). And most important they have products that are natural and organic :)

Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection ($73 Value)
While browsing through there website I came across one of my favorite brands "Too Faced" http://makeup.apothica.com/too-faced.html (check it out). They have some great Too Faced sets for such a great price BUT the one that I want the most is the Too Faced: Naked Eye Kit - Soft & Sexy.

Oh I forgot to mention that they take Additional Options..... 
Makes buying  much easier. 




I was going through my nail polish rack and found this Lady Marlon nail polish #23. I have no idea how it got there nor when I purchased it (hahaha). So I decided to give it a try. Its such a neutral color and I like it for those days when I don't feel like wearing bright/bold colors... Its like a greyish brown color with a little shimmer.. 


18 September 2010

Guess who???? ....

Fashion Week brings lots of celebrities and you tube gurus to NYC... On Tuesday 09/14 Aubrey (fafinettex3 on you tube) held a meet and greet at the Forever 21 in Times Square...

Aubrey & myself

 LeeLee, myself and Naty

Sami and I
find him on twitter and You Tube: Herr Tutorial

This is the group.. starting from left to right
back row: 
Denisse -> http://twitter.com/_essined and http://www.youtube.com/nisse1022
Karen -> http://twitter.com/lola2022 and http://twitter.com/lola2022
front row:
LeeLee -> http://twitter.com/mamichula8153 and http://twitter.com/mamichula8153
Naty -> http://twitter.com/naty1129 and http://twitter.com/naty1129
Julia -> http://twitter.com/cutegingerbread and http://twitter.com/cutegingerbread
Aubrey -> http://twitter.com/fafinettex3 and http://twitter.com/fafinettex3

I had such a great time at this meet and greet..Had the chance to meet Aubrey as well as these awesome people... I was expecting a lot more of people to come BUT I was so happy that there were only eight of us. We met up at Forever 21 and went to TGI Friday's for food/drinks. We talked about vlogging/ blogging etc... after that we did a little shopping at Forever21. 

Thanks to Aubrey for having this meet and greet.. See you soon :)


17 September 2010

Fashion Week events.... Sunday 9/12...

Elle and Blair (who some of you might now from YouTube were in NYC for fashion week.. They so happened to be signing autographs at the Maybelline pop up tent sponsored by CVS. My niece who is a huge fan of their's wanted to go so, I accompanied her and her best-friend... There was about 500 pre-teens/teens at this event.....

Elle & Blair

My niece (white top) and her bff (black and grey sweater)..

My turn..lol


My niece and her bff were super happy that they got to meet Elle and Blair.. Even though it was cold and raining we had a wonderful girls day out. 


Harajuku Lovers ~~~ FNO 09/10/10

Fashions Night Out was held on September 10th in NYC. The Harajuku Lovers were promoting there new "Wicked Style" collection. The "Wicked Style" collection consisted of five new scent...

(Sample set that they gave out)

The scents are:
 Love (purple bottle) is a fruity floral
Lil'Angel (red bottle) is a sparkling floral
G (yellow bottle) is a fruity floral
Music (pink bottle) is a woody floral
Baby (baby pink bottle) is a vanilla floral

Promotional truck.

Harajuku girls..


13 September 2010

Wet N Wild ~~ Part 2

This is the second part to my Wet N Wild purchases that I made at Rite Aid during there buy one get one free sale. I love these palettes because they are easy to travel with and they can go with any outfit. Each palette consist of three matte colors and 3 shimmery colors (how great is that?!).  Im sure a lot of you guys have these palettes or have heard of them if not here they are:

#247 Pride



#249 Vanity



#248 Lust



#246 Greed




Wet N Wild

I finally got some of the Wet N Wild products that Ive been meaning to buy for the longest. Rite Aid had a buy one get one free sale about two weeks ago an all Wet N Wild products. So I took advantage of there sale and brought all four of there new palettes along with two lipsticks and  two other palettes. I must say that Wet N Wild has come a very long way from the time they came out to where they are at right now. I love there products and find them to be one of my favorite drugstore cosmetics. 

Palette # 382B ~Cool As A Cucumber~
These colors have a slight shimmer to them. You can still use this palette for a day look and/or night look.

(no flash)


Palette #385B ~Don't Steal My Thunder~
I like this palette because it has the three colors that I would use for a smoky eye look. The colors do have shimmer in them. This would be best for a night look.

(no flash)


The next two items that I purchased were lipsticks. The one on the left is #547B, which is a light pearly pink. The one on the right is #506B, which is like a burgundy brown. 

(no flash)


(#547B no flash)

(#547B flash)

(#506B no flash)

(#506B flash) 
I was surprised that this color came out looking so bright when I took this picture. 

I will be making this post into two parts. The next post will consist of the four new palettes by Wet N Wild.


11 September 2010

Wet N Wild ~~~ eBay..

I decided to give eBay a try. I wanted to get something inexpensive for my first time..  I found these Wet N Wild Kohl Kajal eyeliners and they were 5 pencils for $4.00 including shipping. NOT BAD AT ALL.. I like them because they are creamy and easy to work with.. 

The colors: 
#656A White
#658 Silver Blue
 #652 Dark Brown
@651 Black Black
#712 Willow