28 September 2010

Burt's Bees....

I've had a problem with dry cuticles for a while now and its a pain in the butt... I have tried different hand creams and the problem is still there.. So while browsing through the Burt's Bees section at Rite Aide, I stumbled across this....

Ive been using this product for a week now and I've seen a big difference. My cuticles are softer and not peeling anymore.
Its 100% natural, with nourishing vitamin e. Its lemon butter so it does have a citrus smell. All you do is simply massage the cream into and around your nail when you feel that your cuticles are dry. You will start to see a difference within a day :)



  1. looks great I 'm going to have to try this !!!

  2. I use coconut oil and right now argan but this seems very handy for my bag.

  3. i love their whole burt's bees hand kit...the almond creme is amazing