27 May 2010

Storage for Accessories (Earrings/Rings/Bracelets)

~~I am forever amazed at all things that trade hands the two sides of up and down, 

left and right, day and night, they stay apart enough to get along though, one could not survive without the other ~~Andrew Spaschak

So about 5 years ago I was working at Forever21 & I was buying so many accessories but had no place to put them. I searched around for a storage case where I would be able to place my earrings, rings and some of my bracelets in. I went to Target & came across this silver cosmetic case, which has stackable dividers. The price was about $20.00 (which is fair and cheap). I organize it buy placing  my rings and my bracelets in the dividers and  my earrings in the bigger compartment. What I also do is, I go to Forever 21 and I ask them for the little plastics in which the earrings come in and I take them home and place my earrings in them so that they  don't get damage. 
I hope this has given you an idea on how to organize or store your own accessories. 


26 May 2010


I've been hearing a lot of great comments on the O.P.I nail polish, so I went to check them out @ Sephora. I only got three colors for starters, just because I wanted to know how they would look on me.. I was very surprised of how bright & pretty the colors are, aswell as how nice they look in the sun light. I will be going back to Sephora to buy some more with in the next few days. LOL

1* Domestic Goddess (like an eggplant purple color)
2* Cover Me in Petals (like a tomato red color)
3* Ocean Love Potion (like a light pastel green)
They are all $9.00 @ Sephora



I stopped by my local beauty supply store today to pick up two of my favorite items. I was able to fine one of  the lip balms that I use on a daily basis. Ever since I started using Pot O'Miracle: Lip Remedy, I no longer get core sores on my lips. I also purchased my vitamin E oil in liquid form. I use this as a moisturizer on my face as well (usually right after I exfoliate).

-Pot O'Miracle: Lip Remedy.  $1.50
-Natures Bounty: Vitamin E Oil. $3.00


25 May 2010


I stopped by H & M (one of my favorite stores)  and bought these items which I love. I am some what of a bargain shopper but i do splurge on shoes and bags. You can wear the floral top with some knee length shirts along with some pumps. And the sweater can be worn with a cami top, a strapless top and/or a button down shirt. You just have to know how to wear it ;)

 The grey sweater (to my surprise) was only $10.00.
The colorful top was $4.95.
I love big earrings and I found these cute gold earrings for  $2.95.
The ring was $2.95.

Talk about a bargain. -_-