31 July 2010

Nailene.. Part one...

In case you didnt read my last post, I was contacted by a Nailene/Revlon representative to test some of there products and blog about them. The first item that I tried is:

Nailene, So Natural glue on nails:

This is what you get: 24 nails in 12 sizes, a glue stick, a manicure stick and a buffer.

After going through the nails in the package and sizing them to my nails. I went a head and glued them on. Don't they look professionally done?.. My best-friend's thought so..

This is what they look like on all ten fingers

I wore these glue on nails for 7 days. And I must say that I was surprised that they lasted that long without ever having at less on nail come off. I honestly cant remember the last time i used press on nails, but after testing these out I will be using them more often. They do cost less then the acrylic nails and I can say that they look even better then the acrylic ones.
This is what they looked like after seven days.... And I did everything with them. I washed my car, cleaned my house, washed my hair 4 times within that week, I also did laundry and they still looked great. I recommend this product to anyone who asks and trust me they are worth the price.  


29 July 2010


I got contacted by one of the Nailene/Revlon representatives and they wanted me to try some of there products out.. This is what I got::

This is the goodie bag ...

These are the Nailene items...

Along with these Revlon eyelashes...

I cant wait to try these out...

The items consist of :  French tip pen, Bedazzle nail art stickers in Earth Angel, United States inspired nail art stickers, nail studio press on nails, so natural press on nails, nail studio professional gel glue, perfect tips and toes: French polish guides. Also, Revlon fantasy lengths lashes numbers 99501 & 91002 and Revlon beyond natural lashes number 91169.

Im so happy that Revlon & Nailene have given me the chance to try these products out and blog about them.. So stay tune, I will be doing individual blogs on each and every item ..


28 July 2010

Tres & Pan

I went to Target looking for need products to try on my hair.. Due to the heat wave that has been on going in New York, I decided to just wash my hair and leave it at its natural texture: CURLY... I found these two new products and I decided to give it a go....

The first one is the Tresemme: Flawless curls, Curl hydration. I actually like this product. It doesnt leave my hair dry nor hard and it doesnt flake. Once I wash my hair and condition it, I take this cream and spread it throughout my hair. Makeing sure that its spread evenly throughout including the ends. 

The next one that I purchased was the Curly hair series spray form the Pantene Pro V line. This is a new product, it "untangles and conditions your curls for improved manageability".  BUT I personally don't like it. It leaves my hair hard once it drys which is something that I am trying to avoid. It does have a great smell though. 

If you know of any good products that are out there for curly hair, please fill feel to let me know...


27 July 2010


One of my best friends and I decided to try Bikram Yoga. We have done regular yoga in the past and wanted to see what Bikram yoga also known as hot yoga was all about.  Throughout the month of July 2010, a lot of yoga places are offering special package deals for all beginners. It can range from 10 consecutive classes for $20.00 to 30 classes for $30.00 (which is a GREAT deal).

What is Bikram yoga?  
Bikram yoga is a 26 posture sequence that was developed by Bikram Choudhury from Hatha yoga. Hot yoga has been proven to work every part of your body. Providing all your internal organs, veins, ligaments, and all your muscles everything they need to keep them healthy and in maximum function. Each posture caters to a different part of your body. 

Bikram yoga is practiced in a studio that is kept at a 105 degrees. The "studio" in Bikram is referred to as the "torture chambers". The purpose for hot yoga is that it helps flush away all the waste products & all the toxins of all the glands and organs of your body. It also brings nourishment to every cell in your body so that they can perform there function and keep your body healthy. Throughout the class you will sweat (some more then others) but this is good. This means that impurities are being flushed out the body through the skin.

The 26 posture series:

All 26 postures are done twice. Add two breathing exercises to that and you have a Bikram Yoga class. 


21 July 2010


Domestic Goddess has got to be one of my favorite colors from the OPI.. Im into bright colors and this color definitely works well with my skin tone. I also gave myself a pedicure and painted my toes in this color.

Love the way it looks on me..

Sephora has a wide range of colors from OPI, so its a guaranteed that you will find one of your liking. 
They are only $9.00. Check them out

Alby is having a GIVEAWAY:

The prize consist of:
  • 1 100% Authentic Coach Zip Swing Pac (I don’t have the strap for it, but you can easily replace it with another one!)
  • 1 Hello Kitty Charm Bracelet
  • 1 Hello Kitty Puffy Sticker Sheet
  • 1 Full Size My Melody Notepad
  • 1 Kooky Pen Keychain
  • 1 Puffy Cinnamoroll Keychain
  • 1 Hello Kitty Rainbow interchangeable Crayon Pencil
  • 1 Cherry Pattern Bangle
  • 1 BonneBell “Lip Glam” lip gloss in “Berry Glisten” (Smells soooooo good!)
  • 1 Blue Flower Glass Ring
  • 1 Red Glass Ring
  • 1 Random assortment of Sanrio Stickers (Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, etc.)


15 July 2010

I finally got EOS lip blam.......

 Super happy that I got this EOS lip balm. My lips are a little dry (especially in the winter time) so this product is sure to keep them moist and chapped free.. EOS stands for : The evolution of smooth...The best part is that its usda organic, has shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e. Its petrolatum and paraben free..Its a long lasting moisturizer and goes on clear.. Try it out... You will LOVE IT.... 

The packaging is so cool, unlike ever before. It comes in a small ball (like an egg). 

T This is summer fruit which comes in the red package and smells like a strawberry. And you also have three other colors: Lemon drop w/spf 15, sweet mint and honeysuckle honeydrew.
Please go to your local drugstore i.e. CVS, Rite Aide etc... and get them :)


14 July 2010

I got Confetti ... What about you?????

Have I told you how much I like Confetti nail polish.. I went to my local drugstore and got a couple of there bright colors. This is the first color and I like it because its PINK, its also long lasting and hasn't chipped... 

This one is "Not my mother's pink" number 057.


13 July 2010

A trip To Sephora & to my local drugstore... Look what I got...

Its my birthday... So im turning a year older & wiser on the 17th of July & I got an early birthday gift... Since I'm a beauty insider member I got a little gift on behalf of them....
*****This is what my gift consist of  *****
::: sephora eye shadow, nano eyeliner and a lash plumper:::

:::Sephora eyeshadow in "Aspen Summit #23" :::
Its a white metallic color.. Has shimmer but very workable.
:::Sephora Nano eyeliner in "Silver green #11":::
This is a metallic green. I love this eyeliner, especially when I do a smoky eye look.
Also, I got a Sephora Mascara lash plumper.. I cant wait to try this mascara. Lets see how it goes.

I also got a sample of the Makeup Forever HD Foundation in #170. I wanted to try this out and see how I liked it before buying it.. I will keep you guys updated on how it goes.

So I went to my local drugstore and got these two items.. 
The NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Gold & the N.Y.C. eyeliner pencil in in the navy.
I love NYX's jumbo pencils they are so pigmented, creamy and easy to blend.. Get them and you wont regret it :)


08 July 2010

Giveaway:::: Brought to you by "The Shades of U"

This is a quick post.  Please check out this blog :: 

"The shades of u"

She is doing a giveaway of  the new MAC product. The winner will receive --> A MAC Stereo Rose mineralize skinfinish (MSF). 

So, please check out her website and enter..... Its a really great prize and you never know if your the lucky winner... Good Luck!!!


07 July 2010

Eyes Lips & Face (ELF) along with Rimmel London

These are the ELF products that I purchased @ Target over the weekend. They had some items form  the professional line one sale from $3. to $1. 

Front --^

Back --^

I was looking for a pressed powder because the one I am currently using is almost done. I have read some good reviews on Rimmel London products so i decided to give it a try. I got this one because it has Shine control (very important especially now in the summer). I also got a great deal on this, it was buy one get one free.. And so far Im loving it. 

^--Always good to us a primer when using eye shadows. Even though this was only $1 it works just as good as my Urban Decay Potion Primer. 

So I'm new to the eyeliner business and I didn't want to spend so much money on an eyeliner without me knowing how to apply it. So I got two  "waterproof eyeliner pen" from the ELF line one in Coffe and the other in Black. They are awesome. They are gel tip and depending on the pressure you us will determine how thick your line will be. 

Brightening Eyeliner.. I havent tried this out yet, but I will let you know how it goes.

These are the three eye shadow palettes.

 Matte Mauve. Its a neutral palette. You can us this one for an every day look to work, school etc. I really do like this one.

Lining Silver. Nice evening colors. They do have shimmer so if you don't like shimmer you wouldn't like this one.

Luxe. This is my favorite one. I love love love the colors. They go with pretty much all my summer dresses. It does have shimmer to it, but its not that bad.

Elf professional brushes 

Defining Eye Brush

Blush Brush

Eye Shadow BrushI hope you enjoy.  Please follow me here and on twitter :: eve122702