28 July 2010

Tres & Pan

I went to Target looking for need products to try on my hair.. Due to the heat wave that has been on going in New York, I decided to just wash my hair and leave it at its natural texture: CURLY... I found these two new products and I decided to give it a go....

The first one is the Tresemme: Flawless curls, Curl hydration. I actually like this product. It doesnt leave my hair dry nor hard and it doesnt flake. Once I wash my hair and condition it, I take this cream and spread it throughout my hair. Makeing sure that its spread evenly throughout including the ends. 

The next one that I purchased was the Curly hair series spray form the Pantene Pro V line. This is a new product, it "untangles and conditions your curls for improved manageability".  BUT I personally don't like it. It leaves my hair hard once it drys which is something that I am trying to avoid. It does have a great smell though. 

If you know of any good products that are out there for curly hair, please fill feel to let me know...


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