31 July 2010

Nailene.. Part one...

In case you didnt read my last post, I was contacted by a Nailene/Revlon representative to test some of there products and blog about them. The first item that I tried is:

Nailene, So Natural glue on nails:

This is what you get: 24 nails in 12 sizes, a glue stick, a manicure stick and a buffer.

After going through the nails in the package and sizing them to my nails. I went a head and glued them on. Don't they look professionally done?.. My best-friend's thought so..

This is what they look like on all ten fingers

I wore these glue on nails for 7 days. And I must say that I was surprised that they lasted that long without ever having at less on nail come off. I honestly cant remember the last time i used press on nails, but after testing these out I will be using them more often. They do cost less then the acrylic nails and I can say that they look even better then the acrylic ones.
This is what they looked like after seven days.... And I did everything with them. I washed my car, cleaned my house, washed my hair 4 times within that week, I also did laundry and they still looked great. I recommend this product to anyone who asks and trust me they are worth the price.  


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