07 July 2010

Eyes Lips & Face (ELF) along with Rimmel London

These are the ELF products that I purchased @ Target over the weekend. They had some items form  the professional line one sale from $3. to $1. 

Front --^

Back --^

I was looking for a pressed powder because the one I am currently using is almost done. I have read some good reviews on Rimmel London products so i decided to give it a try. I got this one because it has Shine control (very important especially now in the summer). I also got a great deal on this, it was buy one get one free.. And so far Im loving it. 

^--Always good to us a primer when using eye shadows. Even though this was only $1 it works just as good as my Urban Decay Potion Primer. 

So I'm new to the eyeliner business and I didn't want to spend so much money on an eyeliner without me knowing how to apply it. So I got two  "waterproof eyeliner pen" from the ELF line one in Coffe and the other in Black. They are awesome. They are gel tip and depending on the pressure you us will determine how thick your line will be. 

Brightening Eyeliner.. I havent tried this out yet, but I will let you know how it goes.

These are the three eye shadow palettes.

 Matte Mauve. Its a neutral palette. You can us this one for an every day look to work, school etc. I really do like this one.

Lining Silver. Nice evening colors. They do have shimmer so if you don't like shimmer you wouldn't like this one.

Luxe. This is my favorite one. I love love love the colors. They go with pretty much all my summer dresses. It does have shimmer to it, but its not that bad.

Elf professional brushes 

Defining Eye Brush

Blush Brush

Eye Shadow BrushI hope you enjoy.  Please follow me here and on twitter :: eve122702


  1. I heard the ELF eye lid primer was great. Do you like it?

  2. elf has been the best kept secret. I use to turn my nose up at it until I dipped in and swatched. Even the Youtubers couldn't convince me. I love the shadows (actually own the same quads you just purchased) and that liquid eyeliner pen?....LOVE it. The tip does dry quickly and you will have to work the fluid to the tip but it $1. My Target sold out so I'm waiting patiently. Not desperate enough to pay high shipping but I'm looking around.

  3. @EmeraldC83 I tried the eye lid primer and its great. Its long lasting and the eye shadow stays in place.. you should definitely try it..

    @ Dwana I love Elf. They are so good for there price. I just ordered there eye shadows from the professional line and i cant wait ...