26 May 2010


I've been hearing a lot of great comments on the O.P.I nail polish, so I went to check them out @ Sephora. I only got three colors for starters, just because I wanted to know how they would look on me.. I was very surprised of how bright & pretty the colors are, aswell as how nice they look in the sun light. I will be going back to Sephora to buy some more with in the next few days. LOL

1* Domestic Goddess (like an eggplant purple color)
2* Cover Me in Petals (like a tomato red color)
3* Ocean Love Potion (like a light pastel green)
They are all $9.00 @ Sephora



  1. They are really good.. I'm def getting all the colors now. They last a pretty long time on your nails without chipping.