18 September 2010

Guess who???? ....

Fashion Week brings lots of celebrities and you tube gurus to NYC... On Tuesday 09/14 Aubrey (fafinettex3 on you tube) held a meet and greet at the Forever 21 in Times Square...

Aubrey & myself

 LeeLee, myself and Naty

Sami and I
find him on twitter and You Tube: Herr Tutorial

This is the group.. starting from left to right
back row: 
Denisse -> http://twitter.com/_essined and http://www.youtube.com/nisse1022
Karen -> http://twitter.com/lola2022 and http://twitter.com/lola2022
front row:
LeeLee -> http://twitter.com/mamichula8153 and http://twitter.com/mamichula8153
Naty -> http://twitter.com/naty1129 and http://twitter.com/naty1129
Julia -> http://twitter.com/cutegingerbread and http://twitter.com/cutegingerbread
Aubrey -> http://twitter.com/fafinettex3 and http://twitter.com/fafinettex3

I had such a great time at this meet and greet..Had the chance to meet Aubrey as well as these awesome people... I was expecting a lot more of people to come BUT I was so happy that there were only eight of us. We met up at Forever 21 and went to TGI Friday's for food/drinks. We talked about vlogging/ blogging etc... after that we did a little shopping at Forever21. 

Thanks to Aubrey for having this meet and greet.. See you soon :)



  1. Cute! I love Aubrey. She was the 1st you tube guru I ever watched, & I've been hooked ever since.

  2. Looks like everyone had a blast! :-)


  3. looks like you guys had so much fun ! ^_^

  4. Thank you guys. We had lots of fun.

    @EmeraldC83 Aubrey was one of the first YT guru's I watched as well...


  5. Yall look like yall were having a ball!