17 September 2010

Fashion Week events.... Sunday 9/12...

Elle and Blair (who some of you might now from YouTube were in NYC for fashion week.. They so happened to be signing autographs at the Maybelline pop up tent sponsored by CVS. My niece who is a huge fan of their's wanted to go so, I accompanied her and her best-friend... There was about 500 pre-teens/teens at this event.....

Elle & Blair

My niece (white top) and her bff (black and grey sweater)..

My turn..lol


My niece and her bff were super happy that they got to meet Elle and Blair.. Even though it was cold and raining we had a wonderful girls day out. 


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  1. O wow..I'm 25 and I know who they are lol..I watch their youtube vids and they're actually really good with doing makeup tutorials..wish I was there!