11 October 2010


A few months ago I joined this new website called Smackages. Its a website that allows you to get free makeup samples to test out. All you have to do is go to www.Smackages.com, sign up and wait to be contacted by email (informing you when products are available for you to request them)..... So, I did just that and I was very excited when my package finally came in the mail.

This is the black bubble rap envelope..

This is what came in the envelope: Smackages card detailing what you have received. A business card from the makeup company (Rae cosmetics). And the makeup samples. 

These are the sample jars..

Rae surface primer

Rae lip shade lipstick (SPF 15)

Rae Lucky lip gloss

I first thought that i was being punk'd when i opened my package and saw what i was sent. I don't want to sound ungrateful considering that I didn't pay for anything but with all do respect theirs not much product for me to sample. You can't test a product only once & draw a conclusion from that. 
 I think that the idea is great but they need to figure out another way to divide the product so that were able to test it more then once. If they don't have the supply for the demand then they should try another method. 



  1. LOL! I thought I was being punked also. I agree with everything you said. I so shocked at the samples we were provided. I feel they need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to give a sample that is not pea size. I think the concept of the company is great. It just needs some tweaking.

  2. @glossandsticks im with you on that.. My mom couldn't stop laughing..They should go back to the drawing board and try something new.

  3. wow that's all the product what a joke there the only ones that brought it upon themselves , that's crazy thanks for being honest !!!

  4. @curvesaheadmakeup Yes thats exactly what came in the little jars.. lol..Im always honest thats one thing about me. Im not going to pretend :)