16 June 2010

How to get your hair straight...

After the hair is washed & condition take  the Silicon Mix cream along with any freeze serum (of your choice) and pour some in the certain of your hand.. 

Now take the cream & serum and spread it evenly throughout your hair (front, back sides & inside).

Start to roll your hair in rollers. Depending on the length of your hair will determine the size of rollers you need to use.

Once your hair is dried take your rollers of and DON'T brush your hair. 

This is my blow dryer & my three roll brushes.

This is a hair spray that is used to make blowing out your hair much easier. Its from the UNA hair products (highly recommend). 

Before                After
Part your hair and spray some of the UNA hair spray on your roots. Then blow dry that part of your hair until it nice and straight. I personally just blow out my roots and leave my ends alone. LESS HEAT means LESS BREAKAGE. 

As you blow dry your hair roll up the part that you've already done. This will keep your hair from getting freezy  & it will help your hair set will you finish blow drying the rest.

Once your all done unroll (or unpin) your hair. Doesn't it look professionally done??  

I think so..

I hope this has been helpful to you all..